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Jeremy Corbyn just pledged to end UK-Saudi arms sales

Jeremy Corbyn's speech on Wednesday 'was his best ever', according to commentators [Getty]

Date of publication: 28 September, 2016

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...and people on the internet liked it.

The war in Yemen led by Saudi Arabia has recently made life difficult for millions of Yemenis - and a handful of British politicians.

The human rights abuses involved in the bombing of civilian areas, the huge loss of life and the fact that British-made weapons are almost certainly being used have led to rival groups of leading politicians advising the government either to end arms sales to Riyadh, or to support the UK's weapons manufacturers.

The history of Britain's dodgy dealings with Saudi Arabia over the sales of weaponry is long and wrought with controversy. But the fact remains that many in the UK want to see an end to the arms sales.

So, when Jeremy Corbyn, Britain's newly re-empowered opposition leader, pledged in his first speech since seeing off a formal leadership challenge to scrap the sales of weapons to Saudi Arabia, it was not only red meat to the red flag flying Labour party membership - but was appreciated by much of the tweeting public.

But while he apologised on behalf of the party for the unmitigated catastrophe of the Iraq war, there was no mention in his speech about the ongoing disaster in Syria.


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