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Shams Al-Shakarchi

Lebanese immigrant designer under fire for dressing Melania Trump

Melania Trump wore a dress designed by a Lebanese immigrant [Getty]

Date of publication: 21 January, 2017

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Lebanese immigrant designer Reem Acra has been criticised after Melania Trump wore one of her dresses to a pre-inauguration dinner, with critics claiming she was supporting Trump's anti-immigration politics.
A Lebanese immigrant designer has faced a backlash after First Lady Melania Trump wore one of her gowns to pre-inauguration dinner.

Beirut-born Reem Acra, who moved to New York in the height of the Lebanese civil war, sparked criticism on her Instagram account after posting a picture of Melania dressed in a floor-length glimmering gold gown at a dinner on the eve of Friday's inauguration.

Commenters on the social media app criticised Acra for "taking sides".

One comment read: "Wow @reem_acra no principles and no morals. Disgraceful that youre adding to the normalization of these people," while another said: "Unfortunately when you post anything related to the 'new president' you have chosen a side and all that it represents."

Other followers claimed to be put off purchasing her designs: "I had already picked out which reem dress I was planning to buy for my wedding. Going to be going with a different designer," while another called her a "sell-out", adding: "As an American and an Arab and a woman you should be ashamed."

Fashion brands - usually keen to encourage the media to note that celebrities are wearing their clothing - have given the First Lady the cold shoulder since her husband and now President Donald Trump stormed to the White House on what many see as an alarming xenophobic, anti-immigration and sexist rhetoric.

However, some fashion fans praised Acra, who is a red carpet favourite for the likes of JLo, for separating politics and business, with Vanity Fair calling Melania's choice a "strategic move" in efforts to use fashion for diplomacy.

"Bravo and a huge thank you @reem_acra for rising above they petty nonsense," said one comment on Instagram. "I can only imagine the backlash in which you guys have received. Dress was beautiful as are all of your other designs.

"Gorgeous @reem_acra! I applaud you for not letting politics interfere with business," said another.

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