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In pictures: The weekend women trumped Trump

Date of publication: 23 January, 2017

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Ten powerful images from this weekend's global women's marches.
This weekend, women across the world took to the streets to reject US President Donald Trump's racism, sexism and xenophobia.

In a historic show of defiance, people across seven continents marched to show the world that women will not be the passive victims of sexism, nor the silent bystanders to the suffering of others.

Below are ten images that capture the weekend's spirit of global female resistance.

1. Oregon, US

A protester in the US city of Portland, Oregon holds a placard demanding women's rights at an anti-Trump rally on January 21, 2016 [Getty].

2. Melbourne, Australia

Protesters gather in Melbourne, Australia in a show of solidarity with Women's March demonstrators in Washington, DC. [Getty]

3. Bangkok, Thailand

A young Thai girl holds a placard at the Roadhouse BBQ restaurant where many of the Bangkok Women's March protesters gathered on January 21, 2017. [Getty]

4. Nairobi, Kenya
Women gather in Karura Forest, Nairobi to protest against Donald Trump's inauguration on January 21. [Anadolu]

5. Barcelona, Spain
Demonstrators chant slogans as they march in Barcelona, Spain. [Getty]

6. Sydney, Australia 
A child holds a placard at an anti-Trump rally in Sydney, Australia. [Getty]

7. Washington D.C, US
Thousands of protesters gather in Washington D.C, the city where the Women's March protest against Trump began. [Getty]

8. Washington D.C, US
A sea of anti-Trump placards sweeps Washington's Pennsylvania Avenue that leads to the US Capitol building. [Getty]

9. Seattle, US

Anti-Trump protests across the world attracted both young and old who wished to voice their opposition to the cenophobic policies of the new US president. [Getty]

10. Paris, France

Over 2,000 people gathered near Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower in solidarity with Women's March protesters in Washington, DC on January 201, 2017. [Getty]

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