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This parrot can recite Quran and people are amazed

The 'miracle' parrot went viral after he was filmed reciting Qur'an [Wiki]

Date of publication: 28 October, 2017

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A bird referred to as a 'miracle parrot' turned heads in the Middle East this week, with videos showing him recite the Quran going viral.
Jordanian Hussein al-Sawalme is a technician in a dental laboratory. He loves birds and has kept a number of them over the years. One of them is a parrot whom he trained six years ago to recite verses from the Quran.

The parrot has been called the "miracle parrot" and turned heads in the Middle East, where videos of his recitals of the Muslim holy book have been widely shared on social media.

"It took a very long time for us to train him. First, we started with a number of words, then he began to talk in full sentences and eventually decided to teach him to recite verses from the Holy Quran," al-Sawalme said

Translation: A Jordanian parrot reciting Quran

People had treated this as a miracle and praised God
Translation: By the will of Allah may Allah bless this
Translation: By the glory of Allah the parrot speaks
Translation: Allah is the greatest

Not everyone saw a miracle in the parrot, rather they just saw it as something parrots do
Translation: Parrots are like children and sponges. They catch what is around them

And there were also jokes about where the parrot is from. In Jordan, a running theme is to wonder if somebody is from an "original" East Bank Jordanian tribe, or has Palestinian roots.
Translation: Is the parrot an actual Jordanian or a Jordanian who is originally Palestinian? I'm sorry but it makes a difference

People had also posted videos of other parrots reciting Quran

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