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Tesco advert brings out the anti-Muslim Grinch at Christmas Open in fullscreen

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Tesco advert brings out the anti-Muslim Grinch at Christmas

Tesco's inclusive advert has not been welcomed by everyone [Youtube]

Date of publication: 13 November, 2017

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Tesco found itself at the centre of some rather unsavoury cheer once again for being too 'inclusive' in its latest advert which features a Muslim family celebrating Christmas.
Tesco has found itself under fire for spreading just a little bit too much Christmas cheer with a heartwarming Christmas advert.

"Turkey? Sauerkraut? Pie? Which food makes your Christmas dinner?" Tesco says in a short clip asking customers to describe their favourite foods.

In a decidedly feel good advert where Tesco declares, "everyone’s welcome at Tesco", some social media users were not happy. 

The social media backlash follows last week upset because Muslims were featured in their Christmas advert.

Once again, the argument for Halal was dragged in, and calls for a boycott of the high-street chain were made.  

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While many questioned the need for representation and were upset by Tesco's festive advert, Muslims were quick to correct the misinformation spread by anti-Muslim propagandists. 

On the bright side, at least we know where to avoid the Grinch this year!

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