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#TheresaMayGifs: the day the British nation trolled the Tories Open in fullscreen

Diana Alghoul

#TheresaMayGifs: the day the British nation trolled the Tories

Theresa May in The Battle for No 10 [Getty]

Date of publication: 30 May, 2017

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What did the British public have to say about strong and stable Theresa May in last night's debate?

After watching UK prime minister Theresa May's performance on Monday evening's election debate hosted by Channel 4 and Sky News, the British public took to Twitter to let her, and the strong and stable Conservative party know just how much they loved May's policies.

Okay, maybe love is too strong of a word... or maybe not the right word to use at all?

Hey, at least the lack of love is mutual? That counts for something when you're running for prime minister, right? Or is that not how elections work?

When facing the audience, Theresa May was questioned by a passionate midwife who was almost brought to tears as she explained to the Prime Minister the detrimental effect Tory cuts had on the NHS.

And when she began talking about her government's care for the elderly and the dementia tax after a pensioner expressed his concerns, a Snapchat filter was used to create a visual representation of how she sounded when responding to him.

But, she's the only candidate who can provide a strong and stable leadership for Britain, remember?

Or not. But at least she showed her will to put up a fight... and walk out of the EU with no deal for the British public, leaving us even more vulnerable if things don't go her way?

But let's not forget how clear, coherent and precise she was when choosing her words, describing her policies and explaining her calculations. Twitter had to be impressed by that at the very least!

Maybe not the public, but her party sure was impressed!

No again? That's it Twitter, we give up.

But this one over here clearly hasn't....

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