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Saudia airline bans 'tight' and 'revealing' clothing on flights Open in fullscreen

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Saudia airline bans 'tight' and 'revealing' clothing on flights

Saudia's new clothing regulations have already come into force [AFP]

Date of publication: 8 August, 2017

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Saudia passengers complained of missing flights and having to purchase 'modest' new clothing after being told they could not fly in their 'revealing' attire.
Saudi Arabia's national airline has announced that a new dress code will be enforced on its flights, Makkah newspaper reported.

Saudia airline said it may turn away passengers who do not adhere to the new rules of carriage.

The airline said in a statement on its website that passengers must not wear clothing that is "too thin or too tight". Male travellers are also advised against wearing shorts on Saudia flights - presumably in line with Islamic guidelines on public dress codes for men.

The strict new rules, which have already come into effect, have already irked some Saudia customers.

Speaking to Makkah, some complained of not being warned of the regulations when they bought their tickets.

Others, including Saudi citizens, said they had to either cancel their flights or purchase new clothing for the journey.

Saudi Arabia's enforcement of mid-air modesty may send a mixed message to travellers to the kingdom, who may have heard this week that the ultra-conservative country plans on opening its first bikini-friendly beach.

The new regulations drew mixed reactions from social media users in the kingdom, with some greeting the rules as a step in the right direction.

"I am not obliged to see such clothing in public spaces, a great decision on the part of the airline," wrote one user.

Others, meanwhile, criticised the move and mocked the airline's new stance on in-flight modesty.

"People paid for their tickets, they should be free to do whatever they want," wrote one Twitter user.

"Stick to your scheduled flight times and then we'll talk about modesty," wrote another.

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