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'How to use condom' video causes stir in Lebanon Open in fullscreen

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'How to use condom' video causes stir in Lebanon

Hamed Sino showing how not to open a condom [Facebook]

Date of publication: 19 September, 2017

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While there were many praising the sex education video featuring Mashrou Leila lead singer and a local actress, there were also more condemning it, claiming it to be disrespectful

A Lebanese NGO released a taboo breaking video teaching viewers how to wear a condom featuring openly gay frontman of band Mashrou Leila Hamed Sinno.

Marsa Sexual Health Center released the video to promote correct use of condoms and raise awareness on preventing sexually transmitted diseases among the youth.

“Many people think condoms reduce pleasure during intercourse, but do many know that condoms protect us from sexually transmitted diseases?” Sinno said in the one minute video.

“But to protect us properly, we must learn how to use them properly”, he added before actress Yumna Marwan appeared as they both demonstrated how to correctly use a condom on a dildo – a controversial move considering sex toys are banned in Lebanon.

The fact that Yumna Marwan was in the video was another controversial issue, considering she is a woman. The intention behind this was to debug the misconception that only men should carry and know how to use condoms.

While there were many praising the video and its contribution to sexual health awareness, there were also more condemning it, claiming it to be disrespectful to post such a video online.

“Man what the f**k is that?” someone commented, tagging his friend.

“I cannot defend this”, another said.

Many others were laughing at the video, tagging their friends and even condom companies to make jokes about the awareness video being an advertising scheme.

“Oh look it turns out using a condom is easy”, another commented tagging his friend as he mocked the video.

After the video was released, Hamed Sinno acknowledged how far the Middle East has to go with unlearning sexual taboos in remarks to local press.

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