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Qusay Noor

Photoblog: Crafting civil society in Ghouta

Photographer Qusay Noor attended the opening of a new centre for arts in besieged Ghouta

Date of publication: 29 September, 2017

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Civil society groups in opposition-held areas just outside Damascus are getting creative with ways to make sure life is as normal as possible under Assad's siege. Photos by Qusay Noor.

To the untrained eye, it may not seem like "resistance" of the traditional variety one expects to see in Syria.

But for people in Eastern Ghouta, a town just outside Damascus, the chance to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of Assad's bombs is just that.

The display at the opening of the Eve Centre for Arts is not just of arts and crafts made from recycled bits and bobs and damaged furniture, but a display of resilience, of perseverance.

It is a demonstration that, despite being under siege by Assad's troops since 2013, life here goes on.

A surrealist planting diorama [Qusay Noor]
A bird in a tree represents the freedom denied the people of Ghouta [Qusay Noor]
Recycled fruit boxes and CDs form the foundation of this train planting arrangement [Qusay Noor]
Traditional Syrian lacework is a skill not forgotten by the people of Ghouta [Qusay Noor]

Hand-made socks and children's boots will keep the tiniest feet warm through a cold winter under siege in Ghouta, a town just outside Damascus [Qusay Noor]


Woven wall-hanging decorations show a flair for geometric art [Qusay Noor]


Hand-stitched cushions and toys complete the display at the Eve Centre for Arts in Eastern Ghouta [Qusay Noor]


Qusay Noor is a journalist and photographer from Eastern Ghouta in Syria.

Follow him on Twitter: @QUSAY_NOOR_

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