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US embassy move: who attended?

Israeli forces shot dead 61 Palestinians while the White House inauguration took place [Getty]

Date of publication: 15 May, 2018

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While the EU chose to boycott the controversial US move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move their embassy there - four member states accepted the invite.
As the US ignored global outrage over President Donald Trump's decision to move the US embassy to the contested city of Jerusalem, a few other countries that chose to attend the opening.

The White House inauguration continued while deadly protests in the Gaza Strip took place, as tens of thousands made their way to the border to protest the deeply controversial opening.

Sixty-one Palestinians were killed on Monday in the deadliest day in the besieged territory since 2014 war.

Over 2,400 Palestinians were wounded as Israeli snipers continued to fire into the crowds in an attempt to suppress the demonstrations.

Israel's foreign ministry said all 86 countries with diplomatic missions in Israel were invited to the embassy opening, and 32 confirmed attendance.

Global powers including the UK, France and Russia had previously slammed the US decision to move their embassy, while 128 nations backed a UN resolution rejecting the White House recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Although the EU boycotted the opening, four member countries - Austria, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic - accepted the invitation.

Twelve envoys from African countries were in attendance, and seven ambassadors from Latin America.

Countries that attended the US embassy opening:

1. Albania

2. Angola

3. Austria

4. Burma

5. Cameroon

6. Republic of the Congo

7. Democratic Republic of the Congo

8. Ivory Coast

9. Czech Republic

10. Dominican Republic

11. El Salvador

12. Ethiopia

13. Georgia

14. Guatemala

15. Honduras

16. Hungary

17. Kenya

18. Macedonia

19. Nigeria

20. Panama

21. Peru

22. Philippines

23. Romania

24. Rwanda

25. Serbia

26. South Sudan

27. Thailand

28. Ukraine

29. Vietnam

30. Paraguay


32. Zambia

Countries invited but did not attend:

1. Argentina

2. Australia

3. Belarus

4. Belgium

5. Belize

6. Bosnia Herzegovina

7. Brazil

8. Britain

9. Bulgaria

10. Canada

11. Chile

12. China

13. Costa Rica

14. Croatia

15. Cyprus

16. Denmark

17. Ecuador

18. Egypt

19. Eritrea

20. Finland

21. France

22. India

23. Ireland

24. Italy

25. Japan

26. Jordan

27. Kazakhstan

28. Korea, South

29. Latvia

30. Liberia

31. Lithuania

32. Mexico

33. Moldova

34. Netherlands

35. Norway

36. Paraguay

37. Poland

38. Portugal

39. Russia

40. Slovakia

41. Slovenia

42. South Africa

43. Spain

44. Sri Lanka

45. Sweden

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