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#IsraelCares about its self image, not deprived children

Israel's seemingly noble endeavours are literally draped in its flag for all to see [Twitter]

Date of publication: 11 July, 2018

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Israel's latest PR push - providing Nigerian refugee children with computers emblazoned in the national flag - has self-serving motivations, but not an ounce of self-awareness.
Israel’s PR machine seems to be working overtime to eclipse headlines about village demolitions and civilian massacres. Just days after news of its Elon Musk-sponsored moon mission, Israel now posits itself as a champion of refugee children's right to education. No irony intended.

Yet these seemingly noble endeavours only get to happen if they are literally draped in the Israeli flag for the world to see, so that they can serve their purpose of normalising Israel as a charity-minded, tech-loving innovative force-for-good.

This was exactly the motivation behind the Israeli foreign service’s latest publicity push, donating tablet computers and even virtual reality headsets to children in Nigeria’s Durumi camp. “Self-learning through technology,” the photos claim, however the Israeli flag emblazoned across each device tells a different story.

Despite the fact the Prime Minister Netanyahu is hellbent on eradicating UNRWA, the agency that funds education, among other vital services, for the 5 million Palestinian refugees, the Israeli mission in Nigeria, without a shred of irony, lauds its national duty to provide “innovation and hope” to needy children. “We can do more. We should do more,” exclaims the video, with the slightly nauseating hashtag #IsraelCares.

Here’s a few suggestions: How about not destroying Palestinian schools, or putting minors in jail, and why not lift the Gaza blockade to let students pursue their academic dreams?

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