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Mohammad Abdulmalik

Yemen civilians hit hard by Saudi-led war

Food and supplies are running out in Sanaa [AFP]

Date of publication: 6 April, 2015

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Cities including Sanaa and Aden at standstill as food, fuel and medical supplies dwindle due to Saudi-led war on Houthis and advance of al-Qaeda.

"No one would want to buy sweets these days. No one is buying or selling anything in the first place. Everything has come to a halt," says Majed Abdullah, who works in a bakery and pastry shop in Sanaa. He says he only hopes to make a quarter of what he used to make seven days ago.

As the Saudi-led "Operation Decisive Storm" entered its second week, Sanaa's streets were empty. Every day life and business has stopped. Shops and petrol stations are closed, leading to fears of shortages in the capital.

Mohammad al-Salimi, 42, a street seller, parked his trailer on what should be one of the busiest streets in Sanaa. Mohammad says the empty streets remind him of Ramadan.

In Taiz, man man calling himself al-Mariri says food is becoming scarce, and what there is is soaring in price. Authorities, however, say there is enough in the markets.

     Everything has come to a halt
- Sanaa resident, Majed Abdullah

According to a security source, security bodies launched an inspection campaign since Thursday to arrest merchants caught increasing prices. Six merchants were arrested.

Aden is no different. Locals are scared, especially in Khor Maksar - the scene of street battles between militias and Houthi rebels.

Many homes were damaged, more than 20 locals were killed and dozens were injured by shelling. Dozens of families have fled.

Hospital workers say they have run out of medication and that they were overwhelmed with the sick and injured.

Al-Mukalla, the capital of Hadhramaut governorate, has also been hit by Yemen's crisis.

Abdullah Bamsiad, a youth activist in the city, said many residents had fled after clashes on Friday between al-Qaeda fighters and the army.

Hospital workers there said three people were said to have been killed and dozens others were injured.

This is an edited translation from the original Arabic.

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