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Aleppo fear massive air raids in coming hours

Regime forces standing in the 1070 housing district, Aleppo, which they took from rebels today[AFP]

Date of publication: 9 November, 2016

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Fears of huge Russian bombing on the Syrian city of Aleppo have heightened, with cryptic messages from Moscow about impending air raids.
Syrian city Aleppo could be subject to massive bombing in the coming hours, as the eyes of the world focus on the results of the US elections.

Russian news agency Interfax posted a message saying that war planes from Moscow's only aircraft carrier - recently arrived to the eastern Mediterranean - would launch air raids on Aleppo in the coming hours.

"Planes from Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, ships armed with precision weapons are preparing to strike militants on the periphery of the Aleppo area," a Russian defence minstry source told the agency.

Regime army forces reportedly captured the 1070 housing district and other areas in West Aleppo as part of a major new military offensive this evening, which rebels won during a major operation last month.

"Our military operations will focus on the towns of Haritan, Anadan, Hayyan, and Kafr Hamra," said Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan, a high-ranking officer in the Syrian regime.

"We will unleash hell onto those towns if the terrorists do not surrender to our forces."

Elsewhere, citizen activists reported that 23 were reported dead and dozens wounded near Idlib, following intensive missile strikes in the region.

"There were more missiles that landed in this urban area than ever before, aimed at targeting civilians living here," said Maath al-Shami, a civilian media activist.

The Syrian Civil Defence for Idlib, also referred to as the White Helmets, reported that 11 people were killed in Khan Shaykhun and 10 more were killed in the village of Barbo, following missile strikes today.

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