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Iran: Trump cannot reverse nuclear deal

President Hassan Rouhani said the US is suffering from the 'wrong policies' [AFP]

Date of publication: 9 November, 2016

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Tehran makes an early move to quell speculation over the future of its nuclear deal after the candidate who promised to revoke it becomes US president-elect.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday there was "no possibility" of his country's nuclear deal being overturned by US president-elect Donald Trump, despite his threat to rip it up.

"Iran's understanding in the nuclear deal was that the accord was not concluded with one country or government but was approved by a resolution of the UN Security Council and there is no possibility that it can be changed by a single government," Rouhani told his cabinet, according to state television.

Last year's deal saw world powers lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for a guarantee that Tehran would not pursue nuclear weapons capabilities.

Rouhani, who is considered a moderate in Iranian politics, added that the US has weakened its global standing due to choosing the "wrong policies".

"The United States no longer has the capacity to create Iranophobia and to create a consensus against Iran," he said.

"The constructive engagement policies of Iran towards the world, and the fact that international sanctions have been lifted, have placed the Iranian economy on a road where there is no possibility of going backwards".

On his campaign trail, Trump called the Iranian nuclear deal "disastrous" and "catastrophic for Israel". He vowed that it would be his "number one priority" to dismantle it.

While he has fiercely criticised Iran, however, the US' new president-elect has been more conciliatory towards Moscow - perhaps more so than any other Republican president in history.

As of yet, it is unclear how Trump's firm opposition to Iran will play out with Russia, which is one of Tehran's key allies.

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