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Aid "not yet" reached besieged Damascus suburb

Aid was reportedly delivered only to Assad supports in Moadamiyeh earlier this month [facebook]

Date of publication: 17 February, 2016

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Despite reports that aid convoys have reached a besieged Damascus suburb, local activists have said that aid has not yet reached the city of Moadamiyeh.
Media activists in Moadamiyeh, a besieged suburb of Damascus, have told The New Arab that, as of Wednesday evening, aid has not yet reached the besieged city.

The news comes after Syrian regime news agency SANA reported that 35 trucks of aid had entered the area.

The agency added that the trucks will be subject to inspection by government troops before the aid will be distributed to residents of town.

The Syrian Red Crescent also said that in cooperation with partners, it had moved more than 100 trucks aid provided by the UN towards the towns of Madaya, Zabadani and Moadamiyeh in the Damascus countryside, and Kefraya and Fouaa, in Idlib.

"The convoy has begun to enter Moadimayet al-Sham. There are 35 trucks carrying 8,800 sacks of flour, 4,400 food parcels, high energy foods and medical equipment," the Red Crescent's Muhannad al-Asadi told AFP.

Earlier this month, local activists accused the Red Crescent of delivering aid only to the city's eastern neighborhood - controlled by regime forces, and where residents largely support the regime.

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