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Syrian rebel fighters killed in 'IS' suicide bomb attack Open in fullscreen

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Syrian rebel fighters killed in 'IS' suicide bomb attack

Dozens of Jaish al-Islam fighters were deployed at the city's entry points [AFP]

Date of publication: 10 July, 2016

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A suicide bomb blast struck al-Dumayr in the Damascus countryside on Sunday, killing 14 fighters from Jaish al-Islam and wounding several others in the latest act of intra-opposition violence.

Fourteen members of the Jaish al-Islam rebel group were killed when a suicide bomb blast targeted their positions in the northeast Damascus suburbs south of Syria, local sources told The New Arab.

The Islamic State group is believed to be behind the suicide attack that struck the rebel-held district in the early hours of Sunday.

"A [IS] suicide bomber detonated his suicide belt near Jaish al-Islam position in al-Dumayr city, killing 14 fighters and wounding several others," a source in Jaish al-Islam told The New Arab.

"Leading members of Jaish al-Islam were on high alert as dozens of fighters were deployed at entry points to the city," the source added.

Jaish al-Islam often refer to rebel opponents as belonging to the Islamic State group, but the opposition group have also fought to prevent IS from advancing into Ghouta city, an eastern Damascus suburb it dominates. 

The area has seen some of the most horrific regime attacks on civilians, with Ghouta witnessing two chemical weapons attacks in 2013, which left hundreds dead.

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