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Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi ballistic missile fired into kingdom

The missile was targeting Saudi Arabia's Khamis Mushayt airbase [File Photo: APF]

Date of publication: 4 July, 2016

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A ballistic missile launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen was intercepted by Saudi's air defence early on Monday, the Arab coalition said.
Saudi Arabia intercepted a ballistic missile fired over the Yemeni border by Houthi rebels early on Monday, the Riyadh-led coalition fighting the insurgents said.

The missile was heading towards the kingdom’s southern Abha city before being stopped by Saudi air defences.

"It was intercepted with no injuries," the coalition confirmed in a statement, adding that the missile launcher was destroyed.

Several missiles have crossed over the tense border where clashes between rebels and Saudi forces continue.

Saudi Arabia deployed Patriot missile batteries to counter tactical ballistic missiles which have been fired occasionally since the conflict began last year.

Monday’s ballistic missile is understood to be the fourth since the implementation of a ceasefire and UN-brokered peace talks began in Kuwait two months ago.

But fighting has continued between rebel and pro-government forces on the ground despite the agreed cessation of hostilities.

Last week, more than 80 people were killed in Saudi coalition airstrikes and intensified fighting over a 24 hour period, as government and Houthi delegations took a two-week break from the peace talks in Kuwait.

Ould Cheikh Ahmed has urged both sides to make concessions to end the conflict, which has cost more than 6,400 lives since March 2015 and displaced 2.8 million people.

He has put forward a peace roadmap that would see the formation of a unity government and the withdrawal and disarmament of the rebels.

Despite the Saudi-led military intervention in support of Hadi's government, the rebels and their allies remain in control of swathes of territory including the capital Sanaa.

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