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Police arrest ten at banned Istanbul Pride parade

Protesters met in the town's Taksim square despite a government ban [Getty]

Date of publication: 26 June, 2017

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Police shut down Istanbul's Gay Pride parade on Sunday after responding to revellers with rubber bullets and making some ten arrests.

Ten people were arrested during a proscribed LGBT Pride March in Istanbul's Taksim Square on Sunday.

Protesters were met with stiff resistance by the police who fired rubber bullets and stopped people from entering Istiklal Street - where the parade was scheduled to begin.

The event organisers issued a statement before the march, saying: "we are not scared, we are here, we will not change.

"You are scared, you will change and you will get used to it. We are here again to show that we will fight in a determined fashion for our pride."

Authorities banned the parade for the third year in a row, citing fears of civil unrest by ultranationalist far right members.

"There will be no permission for a demonstration or a march on the said date considering the safety of tourists in the area... and public order," the governor's office said in a statement.

Alperen Hearths, a right-wing organisation linked to the religious nationalist Great Union Party (BBP) reportedly threatened the Pride March, Hurriyet reported.

The Dutch consulate in Istanbul flew a Pride flag on Sunday, having previously held an organisation event for the march two days earlier.

Homosexuality is not illegal in Turkey, but homophobic attacks are common and civil rights groups say the issue is growing.

After the 2015 Pride march was cancelled, homophobic posters were put up all around Istanbul, reading: "Should those who practice the foul labour and adhere to the practice of the people of Lot be killed?"

In 2015, a spokesperson for the UN Human Commissioner for Human Rights condemned the treatment of LGBTI people in Turkey, particularly towards trans people.

"We call on the Turkish authorities to take active measures to combat homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination," said Rupert Colville.

"...To uphold the rights of LGBT people to peacefully assemble and express themselves and to ensure that LGBT victims of crimes are treated with respect and dignity and have access to protection mechanisms and effective remedy."

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