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Egypt bans YouTube for one month over anti-Islam video Open in fullscreen

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Egypt bans YouTube for one month over anti-Islam video

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Date of publication: 26 May, 2018

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A top Egyptian court ruled that YouTube be blocked for one month over a video published years ago that attacked Islam's Prophet Mohammad.

Egypt's top administrative court ruled that YouTube be banned for one month over a 2012 video that denigrates the Prophet Mohammad, Reuters reported.

A lower court in 2013 ordered that Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information Techology block YouTube, which is owned by Google, over the video.

The case was appealed and the ban remained during the years-long appeals process. 

However, the ministry at the time said it would be unable to enforce the ban without affecting Google, which would slap major costs onto Egypt and its businesses.

YouTube appears to be working as of writing.

The film, the "Innocence of Muslims", is a low-budget anti-Islamic short made in California by Egyptian-born Coptic Christian Mark Basseley Youssef. It triggered anti-American protests in Egypt and other Muslim majority countries when it was released.

Hundreds were injured and more than 50 killed in protests over the film. 

YouTube voluntarily blocked the video in Egypt and in other countries in response to protests. 

The lawyer who filed the case in 2013, Mohamed Hamid Salem, said the ruling requires all websites that broadcast the film to be blocked. 

The ruling is final and is not eligible for further appeal. 

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