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Twenty-seven arrested in Iran over Ramadan 'terrorist' plot Open in fullscreen

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Twenty-seven arrested in Iran over Ramadan 'terrorist' plot

Police officer on the streets of Tehran following a terror attack [Getty]

Date of publication: 12 June, 2018

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The country is a target of Sunni jihadists for its regional role and backing of Shia militias in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere.

Iran arrested 27 members of a "terrorist network" accused of plotting attacks last week to coincide with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Iran's intelligence ministry said on Monday that the group plotted to "carry out terrorist operations in Tehran and some other important cities," according to a statement on its website. 

"They published pictures in cyberspace threatening the honourable nation of Iran with revenge and murder".

The ministry said the attacks were set to occur last week during the Qadr festival and on Jerusalem Day, held each year in solidarity with the Palestinians. 

A large number of weapons and ammunition were confiscated, the ministry added.

Majority Shia Iran is a target of Sunni jihadists, in part because the country has directly fought the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. 

Iran is also an arch-rival of regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia, with the two countries fighting proxy wars in Syria and Yemen and backing competing groups elsewhere. 

Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of promoting militants in its Shia-majority Eastern Province and in Bahrain.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards said on Sunday they had fought off three attempts by "terrorist groups" to infiltrate from neighbouring Iraq in recent days, leaving several dead. 

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