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Turkey says is will 'send back' IS suspects, despite European resistance Open in fullscreen

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Turkey says is will 'send back' IS suspects, despite European resistance

Soylu said Turkey would send back foreign IS members [Getty]

Date of publication: 4 November, 2019

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Turkey will not keep IS prisoners, the interior minister warned on Monday.

Turkey will send foreign prisoners of the Islamic State group and other jihadi organisations back to their home countries, even if they have been stripped of citizenship, the government said on Monday.

Interior Minister Soleyman Soylu said Turkey had nearly 1,200 foreign IS members in its custody, with 287 captured during Ankara's offensive in northern Syria last month.

"Of course, those that are in our hands, we will send them back to their countries," he said, Anadolu reported.

"However, the world has devised a new method. They say 'Let's strip them of their citizenship... Let them be tried where they are'.

"It is impossible for us to accept this view... We will send Daesh (IS) members to their countries whether they strip them of their citizenship or not," he added.

Despite Soylu's harsh line it is not clear if in practice Turkey could send the prisoners back with European countries stripping IS members of their citizenship and/or refusing to take them back.

Although under the New York Convention of 1961, it is illegal to leave someone stateless, although countries such as the UK and France have not ratified it.

The UK has taken British citizenship from 100 citizens for allegedly joining jihadist groups abroad.

Taking citizenship from IS recruit Shamima Begum, and alleged recruit Jack Letts, have sparked court proceedings and fierce political debate in the UK.

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