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Iran showcases 'cruise missile capable' submarine

Iran already has a fleet of smaller submarines [Getty]

Date of publication: 17 February, 2019

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Iran has launched a submarine capable of firing cruise missiles, state television said on Sunday.
Iran launched a military submarine on Sunday it says is capable of launching cruise missiles, as Tehran toughens its rhetoric against rivals.

Fateh ("the Conqueror" in Farsi) is a 600-tonne underwater vessel equipped with torpedoes and naval mines, along with cruise missiles.

It is capable of operating 200 metres underwater for up to 35 days, according to Tehran.

The craft was launched at a ceremony attended by Iran President Hassan Rouhani in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas.

"Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is fully self-reliant on land, air and sea," Rouhani said.

"Our defensive power is meant to defend our interests and we have never sought to attack any country." 

Iran has been sending out warning messages to regional and international rivals with military shows-of-strength and tougher rhetoric, particularly after the US pulled out of a nuclear deal with Tehran last year.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards unveiled a new surface-to-surface ballistic missile with a range of 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) earlier this month, called Dezful.

It also put on a huge military display this week for 40th anniversary celebrations of the Iranian Revolution.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Sunday that Israel was "looking for war", while Tehran has blamed neighbour Pakistan for a militant attack on Revolutionary Guards troops on Wednesday.

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