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Watch: NYPD officer goes viral after reciting Muslim call to prayer Open in fullscreen

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Watch: NYPD officer goes viral after reciting Muslim call to prayer

The policeman was praised online for his voice [YouTube]

Date of publication: 8 June, 2019

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A New York police officer has been widely praised after a video went viral showing his delivery of the Muslim call to prayer.

A US policeman went viral this week after performing the Muslim call to prayer in uniform.

Dressed in a blue uniform complete with a utility and weapons, the policeman is seen reciting the Muslim call to prayer or "adhan" from the front of a prayer hall.

While the man’s identity could not be confirmed, the video was reportedly shot in a New York city mosque on the last day of Ramadan.

The Muslim holy month, during which able worshippers fast from dawn until dusk, came to a close in the US on Monday evening.

Viewers on social media praised the man's voice.

It's certainly not an everyday occurance to see an officer in blue recite the "adhan".

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has previously been accused of illegally spying on Muslims.

It last year settled a lawsuit lodged by Muslim faith leaders which claimed the NYPD had used a since-dismantled illegal surveillance progamme to target Muslim student groups and mosques in New Jersey.


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