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Bizarre Israeli propaganda billboard photoshops Hamas leader in 'mankini' Open in fullscreen

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Bizarre Israeli propaganda billboard photoshops Hamas leader in 'mankini'

The billboard is plastered on a Tel Aviv highway [Jerusalem Post]

Date of publication: 22 July, 2019

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Ismail Haniyeh was photoshopped in speedos and a Hawaiian lei in a bizzare billboard plastered on a Tel Aviv highway demanding victory for Israel and a tougher stance on Palestinians.

An Israeli billboard threatened the besieged Gaza strip with a billboard that had the Hamas chief photoshopped in speedos.

The billboard, which was put up on a widely used highway in Tel Aviv depicted Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh photoshopped in speedos and a Hawaiian lei.

The image showed the Hamas chief holding fire-bombs and cash-filled suitcases, and was placed conveniently for Israeli residents taking the Ayalon Highway to see on their daily commute.

The photoshop was completed with a caption of: “enough being scared. Demand victory for Israel”, a slogan for a campaign initiated by the Israel Victory Project of the Middle East Forum MEF.

The campaign’s aim is to pressure the Israeli government to enforce a more militant strategy against the besieged Gaza Strip under the pretext of crushing Hamas.

“Victory means imposing one’s will on the enemy; history teaches that conflicts end when one side gives up. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict will end only when Palestinians realise they cannot achieve their goal of eliminating the Jewish State of Israel,” Daniel Pipes, MEF president and originator of the Israel Victory concept told The Jerusalem Post.

Gregg Roman, the organisation’s director who is supervising the campaign, added that “Israel has forgotten how to win since Oslo.

"In return for handing out bags of cash to jihadis, Israeli children must run to bomb shelters. Our campaign speaks to the Israeli public that is fed up with ‘conflict management' and ‘mowing the lawn',” he added.

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