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Jordanian police, protesters clash over anti-smuggling efforts

Jordanian police have cracked down on smuggling operations [Getty]

Date of publication: 25 August, 2019

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Police and protesters have clashed in Jordan over a crackdown on cross-border smuggling operations between Jordan and Syria.
Jordan's official news agency Petra says officials have reached a deal with local representatives to end two days of clashes over government efforts to curb cross-border cigarette smuggling from Syria.

The clashes erupted last week between police and protesters in the northern city of Ramtha. Many residents of the impoverished city have made a living selling cigarettes that were smuggled in Syria for a profit in Jordan, prompting the government to tighten customs regulations.

In recent days, protesters blocked streets with stones and tires and threw fire bombs at police, who fired tear gas to disperse them.

Such anti-government violence is rare in Jordan.

Petra and other local media reported the agreement to end clashes on Sunday.

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