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Israeli border police caught violently beating Palestinian mother and son in Jerusalem

Israeli border guards routinely use violence against Palestinians [Getty Archive Image]

Date of publication: 14 January, 2020

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Israeli border police have been filmed violently beating and kicking a Palestinian man and his mother in Jerusalem after he told them he wasn’t carrying identification documents

Israeli border police guards violently beat a Palestinian man and his mother on Monday in East Jerusalem after he failed to show them identification documents, Israel's Channel 13 TV reported.

Omar Hendi, who lives in the Shuafat refugee camp and works as an Israeli-licenced security guard on the Jerusalem light rail, was on his way to buy food at a restaurant close to his home when he was stopped by the border guards.

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Security camera footage shows seven guards talking to Hendi for several minutes before three of them pushed him against a wall and began to violently kick and beat him. Four other guards stood by and watched, according to The Times of Israel.

"I told them that I don't have my ID on me, I left it at home. The soldier said he did not believe me and grabbed me by the shirt," Hendi told Channel 13. "Then everyone started hitting me."  

Hendi's mother heard him shouting and ran out of her house to help him. The border guards knocked her to the ground and she lost consciousness.

Hendi suffered a number of bruises and cuts to his face, arms, and legs as a result of the attack and told Channel 13 that the attack on him was "racist".

His lawyer, Abed Dawarsha, said "there are many, many incidents like this that we do not see". He added that Hendi was lucky that security cameras were there to record the attack. 

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