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WATCH: Iraqi brothers separated in Saddam's prisons reunite 40 years later Open in fullscreen

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WATCH: Iraqi brothers separated in Saddam's prisons reunite 40 years later

The brothers reunited in the Iraqi capital after four decades [Twitter]

Date of publication: 4 October, 2020

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This is the moment two brothers that were separated four decades ago reunited in the Iraqi capital.
Two Iraqi brothers that were split up after former leader Saddam Hussein executed their entire family, have reunited after 40 years.

Haider Al-Musawi and his brother Ahmed were just 4 and 2 years of age when they were arrested and imprisoned by Saddam's forces along with their parents and uncles in 1980.

The four-year-old at the time managed to escape under the robe of his grandmother who came to visit the family.

More than four decades later and now living in Sweden, Haider posted an image to mourn his family, including his 'martyr' brother in a Facebook post.

"On a day like this in1980, I was jailed in a prison under charges of being a Dawa political party member," the Facebook post read.

"You may ask: why, how old are you now? I am 44 years old now and was just 4 and a half years old in 1980. I remember all the details. My entire family was executed and I was smuggled out," Haider said in the post.

"Here is a photo of my brother the martyr Ahmed that was executed by the Baathists at the age of 2," he added.

Soon after, Haider received a message from the family who adopted Ahmed, confirming he was in fact alive.

The baby was allegedly released and found at a Baghdad police station in the late 1980s and was soon taken in and raised by the neighbourhood chief.

A video that emerged and went viral online showed the moments the two brother united in the Iraqi capital.

"As beautiful as this story is, it is an important reminder of the atrocities committed by Saddam and his murderous goons upon the millions of Iraqis who lived decades under his brutal dictatorship, many without closure or justice. May God have mercy on our martyrs," Iraqi official, Hassan Haddad, who shared the story on his Twitter account, said.

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