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Three football coaches arrested in Egypt for 'refusing to promote official's son' Open in fullscreen

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Three football coaches arrested in Egypt for 'refusing to promote official's son'

The coaches worked with the youth team [Instagram/SmouhaSC]

Date of publication: 7 November, 2020

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Three coaches in Egypt were arrested for refusing a request from an advisor to the Court of Appeal to move his son from reserve to the first team.
A number of football coaches at the Smouha Club of Egypt were arrested after allegedly refusing to include the son of a court advisor in the first team.

The three coaches from the club's youth team were referred to the Public Prosecution after triggering the anger of the father, who works as a consultant at the Court of Appeals, for their decision.

The father, Mohammed Kotb, has allegedly requested his son, who plays in reserve, be promoted to the first team.

Coaches Ramah Abu Zaid, Islam Hadi and Muhammad Kaiser declared the young boy was not adequately skilled for the promotion, leading to a verbal altercation.

The father called the police to intervene and the coaches were subsequently arrested on charges of assaulting an advisor to the Court of Appeals.

The case has been slammed as a "mockery" in Egypt with members of the management and the local community urging authorities to swiftly intervene to release the detainees.

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