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11-year-old Gaza school boy goes viral for rapping skills Open in fullscreen

Narjas Zatat

11-year-old Gaza school boy goes viral for rapping skills

Abdul Rahman has over 45,000 followers on Instagram [Instagram screengrab]

Date of publication: 14 August, 2020

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11-year-old 'Abdul' from Gaza has taken the internet by storm with his cover of a song by Palestinian rapper Waheeb Hasan.

An 11-year-old Gazan boy is making waves online after he covered a rap about Palestine.

A clip of Abdul Rahman rapping in English surrounded by his school friends was uploaded on Instagram, where tens of thousands shared and commented on the young student’s rapping skills.

His account, which has over 45,000 followers, reads:
“Hi I’m Abdul I’m a rapper and started at 9 years old. I am from Gaza but rap in English and want to meet producers, spread my message of peace/unity.”

The music video begins with him rapping: “First of all this is our country, let me tell you how it goes,

“We want peace and we want love, people pray and teach who don’t.”

The song is called See You Again by Palestinian rapper Waheeb Nasan, who shared the video on his Instagram page.

“Should I put him on my Album?” he captioned the video.
Abdul Rahman gained over 20,000 new Instagram followers in just two days.

And with over 173,000 views in that time, Abdul Rahman has set the internet on fire, and people have noticed.

“Why are you so cool?” One Instagram user wrote, as others praised his rapping skills as “brilliant” and “amazing”.

Another added: “I hope you keep getting recognized more and more that's amazing.”

The 11-year-old has uploaded several covers for different songs on his Instagram page, and they are all filled with positive comments and support for him.

Abdul Rahman's covers aren’t limited to Palestinian songs; he recently covered Tupac's Changes, much to the delight of his fans online.

Like hundreds of thousands of children, Abdul Rahman returned to school in Gaza on Saturday after a five-month suspension aimed at reining in the spread of covid-19 in the crowded Palestinian territory.

The United Nations agency for Palestinians, UNRWA, which provides education to hundreds of thousands of children in Gaza, said over 285,000 pupils had returned to its 277 schools.

It said schools were sanitised, morning assemblies were cancelled and children will be kept in classrooms during breaks to avoid too many peoples gathering in one place at a time.

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