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World becoming less tolerant of migrants, new poll claims, with EU countries topping the list Open in fullscreen

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World becoming less tolerant of migrants, new poll claims, with EU countries topping the list

Anti-immigration protester holds up a placard during a demo in Dover [Getty]

Date of publication: 23 September, 2020

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A new Gallup poll found that countries around the world have become far less tolerant of migrants, as Europe unveils a new asylum plan.

A new poll has found that Europe has become less tolerant of migrants, with Hungary and Serbia topping the list.

The Gallup index found that seven European countries were the least tolerant, including New Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, and Croatia.

In contrast, Canada had the most welcoming attitude, along with Iceland and New Zealand.

The Gallup index used interviews from 140,000 people across 145 countries and regions, and asked people about what they thought of migrants living in their countries and mingling with them, including marrying their family members.

Latin American countries also had sharp falls in tolerance, with Peru going from 6.33 to 3.61. This could be due to an increase in Venezuelans fleeing their homes to neighbouring countries due to a financial crash.

Each country was given a score based on participants' answers. Canada for example, received an 8.46 out of 9, whereas North Macedonia received just 1.49.

EU's asylum plan

The results come as Brussels unveiled a new plan for member states to share the responsibility for asylum seekers under a "compulsory solidarity mechanism", five years after the so-called European migrant crisis.

"It's obvious to everybody that ad hoc solidarity or voluntary solidarity is not enough. That has been proven for many years now," European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson said. "It has to be mandatory."

The plan will make showing solidarity with all EU countries on the front lines - often Greece, Italy or Malta - compulsory when they are "under pressure" from arrivals.

It may mean aid will no longer be limited to EU countries where asylum seekers are relocated, but also directed to other nations to return refused asylum seekers back to their country of origin.

It is hoped that this measure will pacify EU countries like those of the Visegrad group - Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia - who have persistently failed to welcome asylum seekers.

These are the very same countries which have some of the lowest scores in the Gallup poll.

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