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Kuwait's Al-Qabas newspaper apologises for unintentional use of the word 'Israel' Open in fullscreen

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Kuwait's Al-Qabas newspaper apologises for unintentional use of the word 'Israel'

Kuwait has been vocal for its support of Palestinians [Getty]

Date of publication: 16 January, 2021

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Al-Qabas newpaper in Kuwait issues apology for using the word 'Israel', instead of the term 'Zionist entity'.
A Kuwaiti newspaper has been forced to apologise for including the word “Israel” in one of its reports. 

Al-Qabas newspaper, which normally refrains from using the word “Israel” and instead opts for the term “Zionist entity”, explained to its readers that the inclusion of the word was an unintentional mistake. 

The vocabulary blunder occurred in a report about the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, which Israel has started to implement. 

In a statement on Twitter, the newspaper said ”Al-Qabas apologises for the unintended mistake. Inadvertently included in the list of fastest-vaccinated countries, was “Israel" instead of "the Zionist entity”.

Social media quickly rallied to praise the outlet for its swift apoligy and thanked the newspaper for its continued support of the Palestinian cause. 

“The difference between those who apologise for an unintended mistake and those who sings for Tel Aviv and raise its flag. Thank you to Kuwait, the people of Kuwait, and their Al-Qabas newspaper,” one Twitter user said.

A social media user from Gaza said: “We in Palestine still say Kuwait is the pulse of Arabism, and its position represents all free people in the Arab Gulf. May God protect Kuwait, its people, government, and its free Emir.”

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Al-Qabas has been a strong and vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause as well as Palestinians people since it was established in 1972. 

In Friday's apology, the newspaper confirmed its "pride" for its national and Arab history and vowed to continue to defend the Palestinian cause until the end.

Recently, Al-Qabas has been highly critical of other Gulf nations that chose to normalise relations with Israel despite fierce public opposition to the move.

Last year, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan agreed to normalise relations with Israel. 

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