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First pharmaceutical plant opens in rebel-held north Syria Open in fullscreen

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First pharmaceutical plant opens in rebel-held north Syria

A Pharmaceutical plant opened on Wednesday in the Syrian city of Afrin [Getty Images]

Date of publication: 2 April, 2021

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The newly inaugurated pharmaceutical plant will be the first laboratory operating outside Syrian regime control.
A Pharmaceutical plant opened on Wednesday in the Syrian city of Afrin, making it the first laboratory to open and operate in a rebel-held northern Syria since the war began 10 years ago.

The head of the Health Directorate of Afrin Dr. Ahmed Haji Hassan, told The New Arab that the factory is the first of its kind in the region, confirming that it will operate under direct supervision of the directorate.

The laboratory will also follow pharmaceutical regulations and standards, Dr Hassan added.

It will be used to manufacture antibiotics, antipyretic, painkillers and anti-cold medicines, and will be equipped with advanced production lines and modern technologies, which will contribute to providing medicine to the local market at economical prices.

The rebel-held territories in north Syria lack functioning pharmaceutical laboratories, which forces drug companies and hospitals to import them from areas under the control of the regime and Turkey.

Since regime forces took control of Aleppo's west countryside in February, where at least 20 plants and facilities for manufacturing pharmaceutical exist. Most of them remain out of operation as the industry is incapable of restoring its production levels to meet pre-war output.

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