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Iran-backed militia threats forced US contractors to evacuate Iraq

09 May, 2021

The withdrawal of US contractors has previously affected Iraq's ability to fight the Islamic State extremist group from the air.

Iraq pushes vaccine rollout amid widespread apathy, distrust

05 May, 2021

It has taken a populist Shia cleric's public endorsement of vaccinations - and images of him getting the shot last week - to turn things around.

Sudan suspect wanted for Darfur crimes 'prefers' ICC trial

04 May, 2021

Ahmed Haroun, wanted by the ICC over alleged war crimes in Darfur, said he did not trust Sudanese authorities to 'ensure justice'.

Two rockets target Baghdad airport base housing US troops

02 May, 2021

Two rockets targeted an airbase at Iraq's Baghdad airport housing US-led coalition troops on Sunday, in the second such attack in 10 days, the Iraqi army said.

Sudanese forces crush Darfur sit-in protest, killing woman

29 April, 2021

The Sudan Liberation Movement has condemned Sudanese forces for violently dispersing a sit-in protest by displaced people calling for the provision of electricity and other essential services.

What Baghdad hospital fire reveals about Iraq's health system

28 April, 2021

Comment: For years, the Iraqi state has been too weak to prosecute corruption, and ordinary Iraqis are paying for it with their lives, writes Benjamin Isakhan.

Will the US really withdraw troops from Iraq?

27 April, 2021

Analysis: Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US has repeatedly pledged to leave, each time resulting in broken promises, renegotiations and in some cases an increase in forces.

Indonesia military says missing submarine 'sank with dozens aboard'

24 April, 2021

Authorities have said the KRI Nanggala 402 was equipped with enough oxygen for only three days after losing power, a deadline that passed on Saturday.

‘We’re going to stay in Iraq,’ says US commander

23 April, 2021

General Frank McKenzie of the US Central Command said American troops will remain in Iraq to fight IS, apparently contradicting earlier US statements about a withdrawal.

Three rockets hit Baghdad airport base housing US troops

23 April, 2021

It is the second attack on US interests in Iraq in less than a week.

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