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12 pro-regime fighters killed in Syria clashes: monitor

03 August, 2020

Another 17 pro-regime fighters were wounded while on the jihadist-led side six fighters died in clashes on Monday.

Coronavirus cases in Syria increase amid doubts over figures

02 August, 2020

The number of coronavirus cases has increased across Syria as doubts emerge over figures reported by the regime's health ministry and the ability of authorities to contain the crisis.

HTS-affiliated petrol company headquarters bombed in Syria’s Idlib province

31 July, 2020

A drone of unknown origin has bombed the headquarters of the Watad Petroleum Company, which is the sole company distributing petroleum in rebel-held Idlib province, causing major damage.

Egypt sends troops to Syria to 'fight for Assad'

30 July, 2020

Turkish and Syrian news agencies have reported that Egypt sent 150 soldiers to the frontlines in northwestern Syria to assist the Assad regime in its war against the rebels.

Syria's predictable faux election still had a few surprises

22 July, 2020

Syria's parliamentary elections resulted in another predictably huge win for the ruling Baath Party, but there were still some insights into the state of the economy.

Counting of 'farcical' Syria vote delayed by reruns

21 July, 2020

The parliamentary polls are expected to deliver a clear majority for authoritarian leader Bashar al-Assad's Baath party.

Syria Insight: Russia weaponises aid as Syrians go hungry

20 July, 2020

Aid has been a bargaining tool by powers in the Syria war, but with the coronavirus crisis sweeping through the country it has become a matter of life or death.

Car blast kills 7 near Syria-Turkey border post

20 July, 2020

At least seven people were killed and scores wounded on Sunday when a car bomb exploded in northern Syria near a Turkish border crossing, a war monitor said.

Russian planes 'strike Turkish-controlled city in northern Syria'

16 July, 2020

Suspected Russian warplanes have bombed the Turkish-controlled city of Al-Bab in northern Syria, one day after a roadside bomb targeted a joint Turkish-Russian patrol in rebel-held Idlib province.

Tunisian families battle to repatriate children of jihadists

12 July, 2020

Tunisians have constituted one of the largest groups of foreign jihadists in Syria, Iraq and Libya since 2011.

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