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Russia, Turkey, Iran meet to discuss Syria

16 February, 2021

Delegations from Russia, Turkey, and Iran are meeting in Sochi to discuss the Syria Constitutional Committee and the ceasefire in rebel-held Idlib province.

Uncertainty regarding Idlib ceasefire as Syria negotiations begin

11 December, 2019

A new round of negotiations has begun in the Kazakh capital Astana between officials from Turkey, Russia, and Iran as well as representatives of the Syrian regime and opposition.

Israel to free Syrian prisoners after soldier's body returned

27 April, 2019

Israel has agreed to release two Syrian prisoners after the remains of one of its soldiers missing since 1982 were returned with help from Russia.

High-level Russian delegation in Israel for talks on Syria

29 January, 2019

Talks on Syria will be held between the Israeli prime minister and leading Russian officials.

Assad, Russia envoy discuss Syria constitutional committee

05 November, 2018

Syria's Bashar al-Assad held talks with Russian envoy Alexander Lavrentiev on "forming the committee to discuss the current constitution", the presidency said in a statement.

Russian delegation discuss Syria with Saudi Crown Prince

16 October, 2018

A team of Russian officials were in Riyadh to discuss the situation in Syria with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Idlib: Will Syria's last major battle be its deadliest?

17 August, 2018

The last major redoubt held by Assad's opponents in Idlib may become the site for the fiercest fighting and devastation in the Syrian conflict to date, writes Paul Iddon.

Syria rebels announce new coalition in Idlib

02 August, 2018

The northwest province is the last of four regions covered under a 2017 'de-escalation' agreement where rebels are still present.

No major assault planned on Syria's Idlib: Moscow

01 August, 2018

Moscow contradicted Assad's pledges to retake the northern Syrian rebel stronghold by force, saying there "can be no question of an operation, of a major assault on Idlib"

Some Syrian refugees oppose Russian repatriation push

26 July, 2018

Many Syrians who fled war and repression are unwilling to return under Assad’s rule without guarantees they won’t be harassed, detained or imprisoned.

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