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Algeria's largest Islamist party slams Morocco PM as 'traitor'

24 December, 2020

The head of Algeria's largest Islamist party branded Morocco's prime minister a 'zionist' after the kingdom's normalisation deal with Israel.

Released Algerian journalist faces charges of 'offending' state head

24 December, 2020

An Algerian journalist recently released after a six-month sentence has been charged again.

Turkey bolsters influence across North Africa's Maghreb

24 December, 2020

Turkish imports to the Maghreb region have risen sharply, especially "Made in Turkey" textiles.

Algeria's sleeping revolution is reignited

21 December, 2020

Comment: Some said the Arab Spring would never reach Algeria, but as the people cheered on the regional protests, their own revolution was brewing, writes Malia Bouattia.

Algeria says to start Covid-19 vaccinations in January

21 December, 2020

Algeria will launch Covid-19 vaccinations in January, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said Sunday, although the North African nation has not yet selected which vaccine it will deploy.

UAE says visa ban 'temporary coronavirus measure'

20 December, 2020

The UAE Foreign Minister told his Pakistani counterpart that the travel visa suspensions were 'temporary'.

Morocco's normalisation trade-off: Western Sahara for Palestine

19 December, 2020

Comment: In exchange for recognition of Israel, the US has provided Morocco the opportunity to realize two of its longstanding ambitions. But many remain unconvinced, writes Khadija Moshen-Finan.

Couscous added to UNESCO list following Algeria, Morocco agreement

18 December, 2020

Couscous, a staple dish in both Algeria and Morocco has been given the UNESCO treatment

Algeria announces heavy restrictions on online media amid condemnation

18 December, 2020

Algerian authorities have imposed new censorship measures on online media which journalists have condemned as ‘grotesque’.

Few feel life has improved since Arab Spring: poll

17 December, 2020

A new poll suggests many believe inequality has grown worse since the pro-freedom uprisings broke out a decade ago.

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