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Middle East mythbusters battle coronavirus 'infodemic'

21 July, 2020

Activists across the region are tackling fake news about Covid-19, from unproven remedies and conspiracy theories to falsified figures and invented deaths.

Algeria appoints war veteran to research France's colonial history

20 July, 2020

Algeria's President Abdelmajdid Tebboune has appointed a veteran historian to look into France's colonial history in the country, in an effort to normalise relations.

Algerian president warns against 'Somalisation of Libya'

20 July, 2020

Individual state initiatives to arm Libyan tribes would transform the war-torn country into a 'new Somalia', Algeria's president said on Sunday.

Black Lives Matter skirts North Africa despite everyday racism

20 July, 2020

Black citizens in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who come to work, study or try to reach Europe, say they suffer endemic day-to-day racism.

Jailed Algerian ex-minister dies of coronavirus in prison

18 July, 2020

Former Algerian telecommunications minister Moussa Benhamadi has died of Covid-19 at the El Harrach prison, where he was awaiting trial on corruption charges

Algeria plans law protecting medics from physical, verbal attacks

16 July, 2020

Algeria's president called for legislation to protect health workers after an increase in attacks as the country experiences a spate of coronavirus cases.

Algeria cuts journalist jail term to 15 months

14 July, 2020

Djamel Toubal, who had been sentenced to a two-year prison term for Facebook posts deemed to support anti-government protests, has had his sentence reduced to 15 months.

Algeria's new economic reforms aims to save $20 billion

14 July, 2020

The North African country is launching an economic plan that would help it out of its financial strait.

Algeria buries remains of resistance fighters in emotional ceremony

05 July, 2020

Algeria has buried the skulls of 24 resistance fighters shot and decapitated by French troops in the colonial era after they were repatriated from a museum in Paris.

Algeria expects France to apologise for colonial past: president

05 July, 2020

Algeria wants France to apologise for its colonial past, the North African country's president has said.

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