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Prominent Algerian journalist's appeal postponed until March

25 February, 2021

Arrested on charges of "inciting an unarmed gathering" and "endangering national unity" after covering Hirak demonstrations, the 40-year-old was sentenced on appeal in September to two years in jail.

Algerian students hold anti-government protests

24 February, 2021

Dozens of Algerian students defied police Tuesday to demonstrate in the capital Algiers.

Algeria used 'repressive tactics' during Hirak protests: Amnesty International

22 February, 2021

Dozens of Algerian protesters, journalists, and activists have been arrested, wrongfully prosecuted, and sometimes tortured.

Thousands of Algerians hit streets on protest anniversary

22 February, 2021

Algerians marched in the capital and other cities to mark the second anniversary of the North African nation's anti-government "Hirak" protest movement.

Dozens of Algerian pro-democracy activists released: rights group

20 February, 2021

At least 35 Algerian pro-democracy activists were freed from jail in the past 24 hours under presidential pardons, the National Committee for the Liberation of Prisoners said.

Morocco receives UNESCO heritage registration for couscous

20 February, 2021

Couscous has been awarded the status of intangible cultural heritage.

Algeria frees first activists after presidential pardons

19 February, 2021

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in a long-awaited speech to the nation late Thursday, declared dozens of pardons in a gesture of appeasement as the protest movement gathers momentum once again.

Algeria's president dissolves parliament, calls for early elections

19 February, 2021

Many protesters feel Tebboune’s gestures so far have been largely cosmetic, and note he is a product of the long-time political elite.

IS claims killing of 4 Tunisia soldiers, beheading: SITE

19 February, 2021

IS claimed responsibility for the February 3 killing of four soldiers in a rugged region of central Tunisia.

Algeria's president appeases protesters with pardons, calls early polls

19 February, 2021

Algeria's president pardoned jailed anti-government activists and announced early elections.

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