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The Middle East at war with coronavirus

11 April, 2020

Iran's economy slowly reopens, renowned Iraqi architect Rifat Chadirji dies of coronavirus, Lebanese expats continue journey home on return flights and Egyptians disrupt virus victim's burial in today's roundup.

Morocco begins producing its own ventilators amid coronavirus crisis

11 April, 2020

Moroccan aeronautics companies are to produce both invasive and non-invasive ventilators to deal with the coronavirus crisis, with 500 set to be manufactured by mid-April.

Russia-Saudi OPEC meeting a 'vague, grave concern': Iran

08 April, 2020

An Iranian minister has rubbished the upcoming OPEC meeting with Saudi Arabia, Russia and the block, calling on the group to come up with a clear plan.

Algeria, Morocco using coronavirus to curb freedoms, activists say

07 April, 2020

Algeria and Morocco appear to be using the coronavirus pandemic to quietly silence dissent and arrest journalists who are reporting on the pandemic.

Algeria sentences another protest figure to jail

06 April, 2020

Abdelouahab Fersaoui, who heads the civic group Youth Action Rally (RAJ), was arrested in October during a demonstration in support of detainees.

Algeria jails journalist for 'concealment of equipment' during protests

06 April, 2020

An Algerian court sentenced to eight months in jail a journalist who had provided images of months-long anti-government protests to foreign media.

'True friend' China helps Algeria battle coronavirus

04 April, 2020

With 1,171 officially declared cases, including 105 deaths, Algeria is worse hit than its North African neighbours Tunisia and Morocco, and its health sector is in dire need of improvement.

Algeria using coronavirus panic to quietly arrest journalists: RSF

03 April, 2020

RSF has warned that Algeria is taking advantage of coronavirus to 'settle scores' with independent journalists covering anti-government protests.

Coronavirus lockdowns are further eroding civil rights in Mideast

02 April, 2020

A new tracker has been launched to monitor the degradation of civil liberties across the world as countries grapple with a fast-spreading virus and social distancing directives.

The Middle East At war with coronavirus

02 April, 2020

Algeria releases 5,000 prisoners in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus and the World Health Organisation warns Iraq that coronavirus cases are likely to balloon.

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