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Dubai deputy police chief Dhahi Khalfan praises British colonialism

09 July, 2020

Dubai's controversial deputy police chief Dhahi Khalfan sparked an uproar on social media after he praised British colonialism.

The UAE is gradually eclipsing Saudi Arabia in Yemen

29 June, 2020

Comment: The STC's takeover of Socotra indicates that the United Arab Emirates has marginalised Saudi Arabia into a weaker position, at least for now, writes Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

Three big lessons from Yemen's five years of war

27 March, 2020

Comment: Arab autocracies, Saudi-Emirati military muscle-flexing and a mythical 'international community' have all contributed to five years of crushing civil war in Yemen, writes Rami Khouri.

Yemen's Houthis advance as loyalists beat 'tactical' Nihm retreat

25 January, 2020

Yemen's Defence Minister General Mohammed Ali al-Maqdishi implicitly recognised the rebels' advance in the Nihm area, in comments published by the official Saba news agency.

Yemen in Focus: Nationwide violence shakes period of peace

22 January, 2020

This week we focus on a deadly attack on government forces, a newly-launched anti-Houthi offensive, and violence against children.

10 events that drastically changed the Middle East

24 December, 2019

From the Arab Spring to the refugee crisis, here are some of the most important events of this past decade.

Where does Yemen's GPC stand two years after Saleh

05 December, 2019

It has been two years since the bloody split between the General People's Congress alliance and Yemen's Houthi rebels. Fast forward two years, what has changed?

Yemen's UAE-backed southern secessionists are expelling northern refugees

12 August, 2019

In-depth: UAE-backed separatists in southern Yemen have been deporting northern Yemeni refugees back to war-ravaged northern provinces, as they push a violent secessionist agenda

Yemen in Focus: The war takes a new turn

09 August, 2019

This week we take a look at the killing of a senior Houthi family member, as well as deadly clashes in Yemen's temporary capital between supposedly allied factions.

'UAE's Trump' Dhahi Khalfan urges Egypt to strike Qatar

07 August, 2019

A senior Emirati intelligence chief urged Egypt to strike Doha in response to an explosion in Cairo which he blamed on Qatar.

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