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Oman to see fastest economic growth in MENA region

14 January, 2021

Oman is set to be one of the countries to see the swiftest economic recovery from the Covid-19 epidemic.

Tech fuelled the Arab Spring, then helped quash it

12 January, 2021

Comment: Social media played an important role in the Arab uprisings, but over the last decade, authoritarian regimes have embraced this technology for their repressive agendas, writes Marc Owen Jones.

Bahrain invites Qatari delegation to 'discuss pending issues'

12 January, 2021

Bahrain sent an official invite to Qatar to discuss 'outstanding issues' between the two Gulf states, just days after the end of the GCC dispute was declared.

Qatar prepared to mediate between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey

12 January, 2021

Mutlaq Al-Qahtani, special envoy to the Qatari foreign minister, said Doha is prepared to mediate between regional players to achieve peace and stability.

UAE wants relations with Turkey, senior official says

11 January, 2021

The UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said Abu Dhabi wants to normalise relations with Turkey.

Bahrain opens airspace to Qatar airplanes as blockade eased

11 January, 2021

Bahrain on Monday became the last of the former Gulf blockading countries to lift its embargo on Qatar.

First Qatar to Saudi flight to take off

11 January, 2021

The first commercial flight between Qatar and Saudi in three and a half years is due to take off on Monday

US launches work on consulate in disputed Western Sahara

11 January, 2021

The United States started the "process of establishing" a consulate in contested Western Sahara, after Washington recognised Morocco's sovereignty there in exchange for Rabat normalising ties with Israel.

Qataris crossing into Saudi Arabia welcomed with roses

10 January, 2021

Drivers who arrived at the Salwa border crossing in Saudi Arabia from the Qatari land crossing at Abu Samrah were welcomed with roses.

US envoy visits Western Sahara after Morocco-Israel deal

09 January, 2021

The US is set to open a consulate in the contested Western Sahara.

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