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Saudi, US push for extension of Iran arms embargo

30 June, 2020

US and Saudi officials called for extending a UN arms embargo on Iran, warning of major implications for regional security, accusing Tehran of arming Yemeni rebels.

Bahraini soldier killed in Yemen as Al-Bayda battles resume

27 June, 2020

Bahrain's army announced that one of their soldiers was killed in Yemen while participating in the Saudi-led coalition.

UK Foreign Office urged to secure Gulf activists' safety

26 June, 2020

A group of UK lawmakers urged the UK Foreign Office to intervene in the cases of three Gulf activists who are at risk of contracting Covid-19 in prison.

Saudi Arabia's erasure of its Ottoman history will backfire

24 June, 2020

Comment: Saudi Arabia is distancing itself from its Ottoman past to fuel its rivalry with Turkey, whipping up jingoistic sentiments, and resurrecting the ghosts of racism, writes Muhammed Nafih Wafy.

Lebanese activist, cleric face charges of ‘contact with Israel’

24 June, 2020

Amnesty have condemned the military prosecution of an activist charged with spying for Israel, as a Shia cleric opposed to Hezbollah was charged over a photo taken with a rabbi.

Qatar Airways says no new planes in 2021

18 June, 2020

Qatar Airways has decided it will not make any new aircrafts in for the next two years.

Amnesty sounds alarm over Bahrain, Kuwait coronavirus tracking apps

16 June, 2020

Highly invasive and unjustified surveillance tools are being used by Kuwaiti and Bahraini authorities to tackle Covid-19, Amnesty warned on Tuesday.

Saudi pro-Israel journalist stripped of nationality appeals to MbS

16 June, 2020

Pro-Israel journalist Hamid Al-Ghabin said his Saudi citizenship was withdrawn and appealed to Mohammed bin Salman for amnesty.

WTO condemns Saudi Arabia over pirate broadcaster beoutQ

16 June, 2020

The WHO backed Qatar's complaint about Saudi Arabia's illegal broadcast of Premier League games by channel beoutQ.

The threat of Israeli annexation: The American dimension

16 June, 2020

Comment: The US government has transcended its traditional role as accessory to that of full partner in Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

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