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UNHRC votes in favour of Israel arms embargo

24 March, 2021

The UN Human Rights Council has voted in favour of a resolution that calls for an arms embargo against Israel, where they could be used to violate human rights.

How diaspora activism lives on after the Arab Spring

23 March, 2021

In-depth: A decade after the Arab Spring, exiled activists have not given up hope, with groups and individuals working to bring justice and reforms to their homelands.

Qatari, Saudi officials deny Israel normalisation plans

22 March, 2021

Netanyahu fuelled speculation that more Gulf states were planning to normalise ties with Israel.

Israel's Netanyahu promises direct flights to Saudi Arabia

21 March, 2021

The Israeli premier made the pledge as part of his campaign to win reelection.

Saudis, Egypt on long road in ending GCC rift

20 March, 2021

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are more receptive towards Qatar, but the UAE and Bahrain are less willing to forget past differences and normalize relations.

UK MPs call for 'reconsideration' of Bahrain ties

19 March, 2021

On the 10th anniversary of Bahrain's crackdown on Arab Spring protests, UK MPs say the British government must pressure Bahrain to stop political detentions and end rights abuses

Former Tunisia PM to attend UAE-Israel conference

18 March, 2021

Tunisia has refused to follow in the footsteps of the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco and normalise ties with Israel.

Netanyahu fights for re-election without key ally Trump

17 March, 2021

Netanyahu is heading for a fourth general election, but this time without the support of his powerful ally: Donald Trump.

How Syria's war defined a decade

14 March, 2021

Comment: A decade of war and displacement has left the root causes of Syria's revolution remain firmly in place, and its people no closer to liberation, writes Sam Hamad.

Netanyahu eyes vaccine victory as fourth vote approaches

14 March, 2021

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hoping to win the fourth election in under two years thanks to the efficiency of the Israeli vaccination drive

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