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EU Parliament calls for Bahrain to halt prisoner executions

12 March, 2021

The draft resolution calls for the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience, including 26 death row prisoners facing imminent execution.

UAE announces $10 billion Israel investment fund

11 March, 2021

A $10 billion investment fund has been set up by the United Arab Emirates to bolster ties with its new Israeli ally, despite widespread Palestinian condemnation of the move.

Kushner to detail Israel-Arab normalisation agreements in new book

11 March, 2021

The former senior presidential adviser is set to detail his experiences in negotiating the normalisation agreements between Israel and Arab states.

Sudanese parties reject normalisation with Israel before elections

11 March, 2021

A number of political parties in Sudan have signed a statement saying that the current transitional power does not have the authority to normalise with Israel.

Uncertainty surrounds Netanyahu's trip to UAE following wife's hospitalisation

11 March, 2021

Sara Netanyahu was admitted to hospital with appendicitis and is expected to remain in observation for a few days.

Palestinians veto UAE's EMGF membership bid: reports

10 March, 2021

The UAE's bid for observer status was reportedly rejected after after it was quashed by the Palestinian Authority's representative.

Netanyahu to make first official trip to UAE Thursday

10 March, 2021

Benjamin Netanyahu is to make his first official visit to the UAE on Thursday.

US sanctions complicate Syria's return to Arab League: UAE

09 March, 2021

US sanctions are preventing the return of Syria to the Arab League according to the UAE foreign minister.

What lies in store for US-Saudi ties?

09 March, 2021

Analysis: Biden has softened his tough campaign rhetoric since entering office as the US negotiates its future relationship with Saudi Arabia.

US Senator blames Biden for Saudi energy attacks

08 March, 2021

Renewed attacks on Saudi's energy facilities is bringing the kingdom into global focus.

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