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Jordan university slammed for Israeli normalisation workshop

07 June, 2020

The University of Jordan invited an Israeli-American academic to an online workshop, prompting criticism from anti-normalisation critics.

Dubai's ex-police chief slammed for pro-Israel tweets

06 June, 2020

Dubai's former police chief Dhahi Khalfan angered many Arab Twitter users when he called for referring to israel as a 'friend' and said he will visit Tel Aviv before Doha.

'No response' to Gulf reconciliation effort, Qatar says

05 June, 2020

Qatar's foreign minister said there has been no response yet to its US-sponsored reconciliation initiative with its Gulf neighbours who have imposed a three-year-long blockade on Doha.

Explainer: Why is Qatar under blockade by Saudi Arabia?

05 June, 2020

Today marks the third anniversary of the Qatar diplomatic crisis, with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain still imposing a blockade on Qatar three years later

The Gulf crisis's 'internationalisation' makes it harder to resolve

05 June, 2020

Comment: The more the GCC rift spreads, the more difficult it will be to negotiate or to change the status quo, writes Courtney Freer.

Taking stock of the anti-Qatar blockade three years later

05 June, 2020

As the Gulf crisis enters its fourth year, fake news and hostile narratives run rife in the region hindering attempts to salvage the GCC's fractured relations.

Turkey's Erdogan cancels surprise weekend curfew due to coronavirus

05 June, 2020

The Turkish president decided to cancel a curfew and argued it was to prevent 'social and economic' consequences.

US pressures UAE-Saudi to end Qatar blockade over Iran

04 June, 2020

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt launched a blockade on Qatar in June 2017.

Saudi bots spam 'fake news' tweets against Qatar

02 June, 2020

Saudi spam bots are trying waging a fake news offensive against Qatar.

UAE says Israeli annexation plan a 'serious setback'

01 June, 2020

The UAE has said Israel's plan to annex large parts of the West Bank would 'constitute a rejection of the international... consensus towards stability and peace'.

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