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US immigrant mothers struggle to homeschool amid pandemic

07 March, 2021

With no extended family or lifelong friends nearby and language barriers, homeschooling during the pandemic has proven particularly difficult for immigrant mothers.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard says airplane hijacking disrupted

06 March, 2021

The Guard's announcement did not identify the suspect and only said the hijacker sought to divert the flight to the "southern shores of the Persian Gulf."

Clubhouse app creates a buzz in the Middle East

04 March, 2021

Bringing people together during the pandemic, this newest by-invite-only app is providing a space for Arabs, regardless of background, to partake in discussions that may not always be accessible.

Seeking relevance, Trump touts Middle East 'victories' at CPAC

03 March, 2021

In-depth: At this year’s CPAC, Donald Trump boasted of his policy victories in the Middle East, but his erratic legacy is probably more liability than asset for the Biden administration.

Qatari FM in first post-reconciliation visit to Cairo

03 March, 2021

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani will lead a Doha delegation at a ministerial session of the Cairo-based Arab League on Wednesday.

Jordan says Israeli-Arab deals no substitute for two-state solution

02 March, 2021

Jordan told Israel that normalisation deals cannot replace a two-state solution.

UAE's first ambassador to Israel arrives in Tel Aviv

01 March, 2021

Ambassador Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khajah is scheduled to meet with top Israeli officials including Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Qatar's emir, Saudi crown prince discuss future cooperation

01 March, 2021

The Emir of Qatar and the Saudi Crown Prince spoke on the phone to discuss the recent reconciliation and the future cooperation.

Pompeo claims 'many' in Saudi want normalisation with Israel

28 February, 2021

Pompeo, who served as Trump's CIA director and top diplomat, made the comments in a recorded video address to the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement.

Explosion strikes Israeli-owned ship amid US-Iran tensions

27 February, 2021

An Israeli-owned ship sailing out of the Middle East was struck with an explosion, amid escalating tensions between the US and Iran.

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