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Armed men seize and release tanker off Iranian coast

15 April, 2020

Armed men seized a Hong-Kong flagged tanker near the coast of Iran before releasing it, amid a rise in tensions between the US and Iran

Gulf countries slammed for mass deportations of migrant workers

12 April, 2020

Saudi Arabia and UAE are repatriating thousands of foreign workers despite their home nations not being able to sufficiently quarantine them, risking a dangerous spread of Covid-19.

Gulf hubs asphyxiated by coronavirus

10 April, 2020

Comment: The key role airlines play in Gulf development strategies implies a potentially profound knock-on effect, writes Sebastian Castelier.

For domestic workers, Lebanon lockdown a recipe for abuse

10 April, 2020

Already deprived of basic rights and freedom, domestic migrant workers are now at greater risk of being abused as Lebanon remains under lockdown to battle Covid-19.

Can Gulf supply chains cope with the coronavirus crisis?

09 April, 2020

The Gulf appears immune to the panic buying engulfing Europe and North America.

Gulf states urged to free activists, migrant workers

07 April, 2020

Human Rights Watch has raised concerns over the health of political prisoners and rights activists detained across the Gulf, as the region battles with the coronavirus.

Egypt 'refuses' appeals to repatriate stranded citizens in Qatar

06 April, 2020

Some 400 Egyptians are reportedly stranded in Qatar without assistance from their government in Cairo, which has allegedly refused to repatriate them.

Saudi deploys 'counter-insurgency force' to impose Riyadh coronavirus lockdown

03 April, 2020

The Rapid Response Force of the National Guard usually tasked with counter-insurgency has deployed armoured vehicles in the capital Riyadh to impose a coronavirus lockdown.

Could MbS' power grab unravel Al Saud rule?

02 April, 2020

Comment: The Saudi crown prince's rise to power has in effect destabilised his country, and by extension Al Saud control, writes Emile Nakhleh.

UAE coronavirus aid to Syrians shouldn't mean rehabilitating Assad

30 March, 2020

Comment: Don't be fooled, it's not humanitarian help UAE is offering Assad, its normalisation of his tyrannical regime, writes Sam Hamad

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