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Jordan make-up artist lightens lockdown with celebrity impressions

09 February, 2021

Alaa Bliha, 27, rose to fame with videos of herself imitating famous figures from across the Arab world and beyond.

Arab League reaffirms support for Palestinian state

08 February, 2021

Arab foreign ministers reaffirmed their commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, warning against "any unilateral moves" by Israel.

Leaked intelligence trove reveals Iran's anti-US operations in Iraq

08 February, 2021

A report based on a 2018 Iranian intelligence cables shows Iran's attempts at recruiting informants who had access to US personnel and facilities in Iraq.

Sports in Middle East 'fastest growing in the world'

07 February, 2021

New survey by consulting company listed the trends and possibilities for the sports market in the Middle East.

Al-Jazeera journalist returns home after four-years in Egypt prison

06 February, 2021

Mahmoud Hussein was detained at Cairo airport in 2016 when he arrived on a family vacation from Doha. On Saturday, he returned to his home after spending four years imprisoned.

UAE drastically cut funding for Palestinian refugee agency: report

06 February, 2021

Bahrain, another Gulf state that normalised ties with Israel, also reduced its donations to UNRWA.

Saudi newspaper publishes first ever op-ed written by Israelis

05 February, 2021

Arab News, Saudi Arabia’s most widely read English newspaper, has published an op-ed written by two Israelis under a joint research programme with the UAE.

Egypt frees Jazeera journalist after 4 years jail: security

05 February, 2021

There had been repeated calls for his release, including from human rights watchdog Amnesty International, after a Cairo prosecutor in May 2019 ordered he be freed from jail.

Why is Azerbaijan trying to rekindle Israeli-Turkish ties?

04 February, 2021

Analysis: Warming ties between Israel and Turkey is of particular interest to Baku given the emergence of a new geopolitical order in the South Caucasus.

Top UN court dismisses Qatar blockade case against UAE

04 February, 2021

Qatar’s case against the UAE for breaching a 1965 UN treaty has been rejected by the International Court of Justice.

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