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Syria to hold presidential vote on May 26: speaker

18 April, 2021

The poll comes amid a crushing economic crisis and the continued effects of a war that has killed at least 388,000 people.

Syrian regime calls voters for 'sham' presidential elections

17 April, 2021

The vote will be the second presidential election to be held since the Assad regime began its brutal crackdown on protesters a decade ago.

UN official condemns Syrian regime strike that killed seven

10 April, 2021

The UN’s Deputy Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Syria has condemned an Assad regime missile strike which killed an education official, three children, and two women.

Protesters commemorate anniversary of Syrian regime Douma chemical massacre

08 April, 2021

Protesters in Idlib gathered to remember the victims of the 2018 chemical weapons attack on Douma that killed 39, and to demand accountability.

Russia and West spar over Syria chemical weapons vote

07 April, 2021

A disagreement has erupted over a vote to strip Syria of its voting rights in the international chemical weapons watchdog.

Syria to close schools and universities over virus surge

03 April, 2021

Syria's primary schools will close their doors from Monday, where cases are said to have risen dramatically last week. Universities will be closed for two weeks.

Jordan denies reports it plans to expel Syrian activist

03 April, 2021

The Jordanian government has denied reports that it plans to deport three Syrian refugees, including the prominent activist Hasna al-Hariri, following public outrage and a social media campaign.

Russian rights groups slam Moscow's role in Syria

02 April, 2021

The first-ever report issued by Russian NGOs on the Syrian conflict gives a rare insight into abuses committed by Russian forces.

Syrian regime allows Russian oil exploration in 'Lebanese waters'

01 April, 2021

Lebanese officials are yet to comment on the agreement, which could see the country lose hundreds of square kilometres of its maritime territory to Syria.

EU ministers vow Syria 'war criminals' won't go unpunished

31 March, 2021

EU foreign ministers vowed they would demand "accountability" from the "war criminals and torturers" of Syria's civil war.

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