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UK PM denies helping Saudi prince over Newcastle bid

15 April, 2021

Boris Johnson admitted to instructing a senior aide to look in to the bid but said he did not intervene.

UK blocks bid to limit prosecution period for soldiers

14 April, 2021

Former NATO Secretary George Robertson said the bill would have 'undermined some of the most basic legal standards for which this nation was renowned'.

Former UK minister accuses pro-Israel lobby of 'disgusting interference'

10 April, 2021

Duncan wrote in his memoir 'In The Thick of It: The private diaries of a minister' that the Conservative Friends of Israel has pushed Britain to adopt pro-Israel policies.

Whitewashing state racism: 40 years after the Brixton uprising

09 April, 2021

Comment: Today, just as in the 80s, communities of colour are being driven to protest, only to be met with a government that denies the painfully obvious, writes Malia Bouattia.

UK's Johnson confirms return to pubs but sounds caution

05 April, 2021

Boris Johnson confirmed pubs and restaurants could reopen to serve outdoors in a week's time, as Covid restrictions are lifted, but sounded a note of caution on international travel resuming.

UK to announce new international travel rules

05 April, 2021

Britain will set out plans to restart international travel, using a "traffic-light" system as the country cautiously emerges from lockdown.

UK bans travellers from Pakistan, Bangladesh over virus concerns

02 April, 2021

The new restrictions will come into effect next week.

Race and Ethnic Disparities Commission ignores Britain's racist reality

02 April, 2021

Comment: A new government report concludes that the UK is a model for other white-majority countries. That couldn't be further from the truth, writes Malia Bouattia.

Black adviser to Boris Johnson quits amid race report

01 April, 2021

Boris Johnson's most senior Black adviser has quit over the heavily contested race report published by the government this week.

Backlash after report finds UK not 'institutionally racist'

01 April, 2021

A controversial report by a government commission has found that the the UK is not 'institutionally racist', prompting heavy criticism from rights groups in Britain.

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