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Syrian doctor, rescuer to receive top US peace prize

22 November, 2020

The Gandhi peace award, organised by the peace advocacy organisation Promoting Enduring Peace (PEP), named Dr Zahir Sahloul and civil defense leader Maysoun Al-Misry as recipients.

Lebanon reopens schools despite jump in coronavirus cases

13 October, 2020

Schoolchildren in Lebanon go back to class learning amid coronavirus fears among students and parents, as well as concerns from health experts.

Trump's attempt to end Obama-era immigration policy ruled unlawful

18 June, 2020

Donald Trump's efforts to end legal protects to over half a million young immigrants has been rejected by the highest court in the United States.

Sanctions on Assad's regime will only compound Syrian suffering

04 June, 2019

Comment: Sanctions on the Syrian regime are an incoherent substitute for strategy, writes Owais Zaheer.

Asian Cup 2019: Iran see off Oman

21 January, 2019

Iran will now face China in the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup 2019.

US neo-Nazi stands trial for Charlottesville car rampage

26 November, 2018

A US citizen is set to go on trial for murder after ramming his car into counter-protesters at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

Arab and Muslim Americans are taking Midterms by storm

02 November, 2018

Comment: For record numbers of Arab and Muslim candidates, the Midterms are a chance to prove their worth as politicians, and stand up to Trump's bigotry, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Explainer: Saudi-Canada relations before Riyadh's diplomatic spat

06 August, 2018

It's unclear what Riyadh hopes to gain by its forceful diplomatic moves against Ottawa for criticising the arrest of women's rights activist Samar Badawi.

Names released of 8,000 Syrians 'tortured to death'

30 July, 2018

Zaman al-Wasl and the Violations Documentation Centre in Syria have released the names of 8,000 prisoners who were tortured to death in regime jails.

Turkish barges power a quarter of Lebanon's electricity

22 July, 2018

Lebanon has introduced three Turkish power barges as a 'temporary' measure as the country continues to face daily power cuts.

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