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Arsenal sponsor holds talks with club over pro-Palestine tweet

15 May, 2021

The Egyptian born midfielder, who has more than 4.8 million Twitter followers, posted: "My heart my soul, my support for you Palestine."

UNSC virtual public meeting on Palestine-Israel now Sunday: diplomats

14 May, 2021

The United Nations Security Council meeting was originally scheduled for Friday, and was requested by Tunisia, Norway and China.

China targets Uighur Muslim imams in Xinjiang crackdown

13 May, 2021

Relatives of those detained said they were apprehended due to their role as religious leaders.

UN: Iran has enriched uranium to highest purity yet

13 May, 2021

Iran has enriched uranium to slightly higher purity than previously thought due to 'fluctuations' in the process, the United Nations' atomic watchdog says.

UN Security Council to meet on Israel-Palestine conflict Friday

13 May, 2021

The UN Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting on the escalating conflict between Israel and the Palestinians despite opposition from the US.

Drop in Xinjiang birthrate largest in recent history: report

12 May, 2021

The extreme drop in birth rates is unprecedented in the 71 years since the UN began collecting global fertility statistics, beating out declines in countries that witnessed wars or genocides.

The inside story of the shadowy Emirati-Serbian partnership

11 May, 2021

Analysis: Political and business relations between Serbia and the United Arab Emirates are marked by opacity and secrecy.

WHO chief slams 'vaccine diplomacy' in Covid fight

10 May, 2021

The WHO chief took on so-called "vaccine diplomacy" on Monday, slamming countries for using Covid-19 jabs to gain competitive advantage rather than engaging in true cooperation to end the pandemic.

'No doubt' US has undercounted Covid deaths: Fauci

09 May, 2021

The United States, which has reported the world's worst overall Covid-19 death toll, has "no doubt" been undercounting fatal cases, top pandemic advisor Anthony Fauci said Sunday.

Large Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean

09 May, 2021

A large segment of a Chinese rocket re-entered the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrated over the Indian Ocean on Sunday.

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