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Israel steps up attacks on Iranian targets in Syria

11 January, 2021

Israel has launched three rounds of strikes in Syria over the past ten days.

Syria responds to 'Israeli aggression' in south: state media

07 January, 2021

Syrian state media has said that it confront an Israeli attack that targeted several positions south of Damascus.

Renowned Syrian director Hatem Ali dies in Cairo

29 December, 2020

Hatem Ali was known for role in spreading the popularity of Syrian dramas in the Arab world.

Palestine in 2020: Reflections on a turbulent year

29 December, 2020

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 saw the further erosion of Palestinian rights.

Pro-normalisation 'Bahraini, Emirati influencers' praise Israel's army as 'heroic'

21 December, 2020

An interview between a popular Israeli blogger and two influential Emirati and Bahraini figures prompted fierce criticism online, after the Arabs praised Israel's military as heroic.

UAE open to importing 'Israeli products from settlements': official

10 December, 2020

The UAE official claimed Israel’s factories in occupied territories employ "tens of thousands of Palestinians".

Lebanon renews calls for 'Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories'

08 December, 2020

The Lebanese representatives participating in border negotiations with Israel renewed calls on it to withdraw from Lebanese territories it occupies.

West Bank goods to be labeled Israeli in Bahrain

03 December, 2020

Bahrain will allow Israeli goods produced in the West Bank to be labeled as 'Made in Israel'.

Israeli strikes in Syria kill eight pro-Iran fighters -report

25 November, 2020

Overnight Israeli strikes near the Syrian capital Damascus have killed eight fighters from pro-Iran militias, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Israeli air strikes hit near Damascus: state media

24 November, 2020

There were no casualties in the attack.

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